Wim Damsteegt

Hydroponics & Greenhouse Consultant

Born and raised in Holland, Wim graduated from the internationally acclaimed Wageningen University in the Netherlands and became an extremely successful lettuce breeder in the Netherlands before seeing a huge niche within the Asian market. In 1998 he started his company, which was amongst one of the first companies to introduce lettuce into Thailand. Wim spent much of his time familiarizing farmers, academics and students with his new alternative farming technologies and products to achieve his overall goal of introducing new, high quality products into the Thai marketplace.

On an international level Wim provides R & D and seed trials for some of the world’s largest seed companies such as Rijk Zwaan. Rijk Zwaan is ranked amongst the top 5 companies in the vegetable seed market globally and employs over 2,500 employees in 30 different countries. Wim, a now fluent Thai speaker, commands the respect of the Thai farming and local and international business community and is a huge asset to Midas Aquaponics.

Roger Wade Johnson

Roger Wade Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Born in California, U.S.A. Roger brings a wealth of financial experience to Midas. Roger graduated from Dublin University, Ireland and achieved a B.A. in Banking and Finance and an MBA in International Finance. His distinguished career has led him to work for Bank of America, he has also been involved in high profile joint ventures with Salim Group of Indonesia and Singapore Technologies.

His experience and track record is second to none and he comes with over 20 years international banking experience in audit, loss control, mergers and acquisitions, development financing and agricultural lending in addition to his 10 years’ experience in business startup / NPL consultancy along with mineral resource trading. During the past 5 years Roger has been involved in various scalable aquaponic concepts located in both California and Thailand.

Midas Team

Jakkaphan Almmak

Senior Aquaculture & Systems Consultant

Mr. Almmak is a native of Thailand and lives with his family in Chiang Mai, Thailand, less than 20 minutes’ drive away from the Midas Farm. He attended Soka University in Tokyo, and is fluent in Japanese.

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Almmak has developed and commercialized fish food pellets suitable for all stages of fish development. In addition, he owns and operates four major fish breeding and rearing farms in Thailand, each with ponds/tanks in excess of 50 rai (20 acres).

To complement fish breeding and rearing, he has developed several bio-filter and rearing systems for small to medium sized environments of 300 to 30,000 liters. With over 20 years of direct experience in contained fish breeding, rearing, distribution and sales, he brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the Midas team.

Professor Soontorn

Prof. Soontorn Pipithsangchan

Scientific Consultant

World renowned Professor Pipithsangchan was born and educated in Thailand and holds a BSc. in Agriculture awarded by the Kasetsart University, Bangkok, an MSc. in Entomology awarded by the Kasetsart University, Bangkok and a Ph.D in Insecticide Toxicology awarded by the University of Los Banos in the Philippines.

His knowledge and expertise has been utilised by students, farmers and large corporations across South East Asia, Africa, Bangladesh and the Middle East. Professor Pipithsangchan has a wide range of expertise, which include the design, planning, construction and management of systems in S.E Asia. His primary objective is sustainable food production using alternative and eco-friendly farming methods.