The Face of Sustainable Agriculture

Midas Aquaponics successfully operates sustainable and responsible aquaponics farms across Asia and the Middle East. We’re committed to innovation in aquaponics and work tirelessly to enhance this area of sustainable agriculture for our customers and the environment.

Our pioneering aquaponics farms produce a wide variety of fish, fruit and vegetables for local and export consumption. Our processes combine the intricate science of hydroponics and aquaculture to create an integrated agriculture system that cultivates produce that meet international agricultural standards.

Headquartered in Chiang Mai, Thailand Midas Aquaponics operates a global team and successfully manages satellite offices throughout Asia and the Middle East. Our team has decades of global agriculture industry experience and are passionate about the benefits of aquaponically grown food.
To enhance our offering, we’ve established professional partnerships with global experts in the aquaponics field. These partners act as independent consultants whereby providing impartial guidance on our projects and assisting in our quest to generate positive financial, environmental and social returns.

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